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Letrusia May

Being born and raised in the Austin neighborhood on the westside of Chicago, Illinois, I have developed a love and passion for our communities.

In the midst of a successful real estate career I was able to express my creativity by launching L. May Creations; a decorative company that I own, operate and manage as the Director of Creative Planning. In 2016 I started L. May Creations with the goal of serving the decorative needs of my community. I was able to share my love for creating by providing original and personalized decorative emblems that represent the desires of my clientele.

On a consistent basis I am able to provide candy/dessert tables, personalized card boxes, and event decorations. A short time after I started the company, my work has been featured at the Beauty Lounge gathering in Los Angeles, a certified BET weekend event, and I have serviced many members of the Chicago community by providing decorations for proms, wedding receptions, birthday parties, graduations, and other personal events. In addition to the services provided by L. May Creations, I decided that I wanted to create a permanent space for my clientele. As a Licensed General Contractor, I began the construction of my own event space at 5936 W. Chicago Avenue in 2018. My goal was to create something beautiful for my community that would remain in my community and L. May Creations Event Space was born.


This is a modern, luxurious place where family and friends can bask in their own creativity by hosting private events and creating beautiful, lasting memories. I am making my mark on the world as a successful businesswoman, my drive, ambition, my desire to do what I can to assist in rebuilding my community and my creativity will only continue to make our communities better.

I welcome the ideas and creativity of other Event Planners and Decorators to L.May's. 

Creativity is an ART. Let us Create and Inspire our Communities... 

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